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See your current and upcoming reminders and accept or skip them from your Android device. This feature works much like the Reminders Home Page item in Moneydance™, allowing you to enter reminder transactions and see general reminder messages. HandyBank does not support adding or deleting the reminders themselves, you must do that within Moneydance.

Note: Auto-commit of reminders is not supported by HandyBank, in that HandyBank will not auto-commit any reminders. This helps prevent both HandyBank and Moneydance auto-committing the same reminder, resulting in a duplicate transaction. It is recommended that you avoid entering in HandyBank any reminder transactions that have auto-commit enabled, and instead let the auto-commit mechanism in Moneydance handle it for you.

Reminders List

Each reminder is shown as an item in the list. Transaction reminders show some transaction details, including the reminder date, the payee, amount, account, category and transaction tag information. General reminders have less information. Press the reminder to enter the transaction, or display a dialog with the general reminder message, as applicable.

The reminder list entry appears reddish pink if the reminder is overdue (due today or before today).

The reminder has a disabled appearance and cannot be entered or skipped if a previous date for the reminder has not yet been acknowledged or skipped. Multiple dates for the same reminder must be entered in date order. Enter or skip all previous dates to enable the reminder for entry.

A long press on a reminder brings up a menu that allows either skipping or entering the reminder.

In Moneydance™, the Defer option simply closes the transaction reminder window and does nothing. Therefore, there is no equivalent button HandyBank for transaction reminders. If you press a transaction reminder to open the transaction entry screen, press the Back button in order to do the equivalent of Defer. For General reminders, a Defer button is shown with the reminder message, which simply closes the reminder message dialog.

A date selector at the top of the screen allows you to scroll the list of reminders automatically to the newest, oldest or today's date. This is helpful when there is a long list of reminders, which may occur when in Upcoming mode.

Menu Options

Upcoming Mode Show future reminders (180 days). Equivalent to clicking on the Upcoming Items link on the Reminders home page item in Moneydance.
Current Mode Show current reminders only (14 days). Equivalent to the reminders that appear by default on the Reminders home page item in Moneydance.
Settings Navigate to the Account List Screen.
Budget Bars Navigate to the Budget Bars Screen.
Security List Navigate to the Security List Screen.
Search Open the Search widget to look for transactions.
Request Sync (Dropbox sync mode) Upload local transactions to Dropbox.
Settings Navigate to the HandyBank Settings Screen.
Main Navigate to the HandyBank Main Screen.
Guide Open a browser to show this User Guide.
Quit Close HandyBank and show the device Home screen.

Using Quit

The only difference between pressing the Home button and using the Quit menu option is that using the menu will automatically require that the PIN be used to show any PIN-protected activity, as well as shutting down the background synchronization process. If you instead press the Home button, your PIN is valid for up to 10 minutes after it was last entered.

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