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Security List

See your mutual funds, stocks and other security balances in your investment accounts.

View By Account

Securities by Investment Account

The default view sorts the view by investment account and displays the securities in each account. The share balance and the equivalent cash (unrealized) for each security is shown. When available, the trading ticker symbol is also shown. You can also sort by security.

The cash balance of the investment account is shown as a separate entry.

The total below each investment account is shown in the base currency of your file, not the investment account's currency. The Show account type totals option in Settings controls whether the total for each investment account is displayed or not.

View by Security

Securities sorted by Security

In this view the same securities are grouped together, across investment accounts. If you own the same security in multiple accounts, you can see the total value of all shares of that security.

Cash balances are not shown in this view.

The total below each security is shown in the base currency of your file. The Show account type totals option in Settings controls whether the total for each security is displayed or not.

Menu Options

List By Security Show the securities by grouping together the same security across investment accounts.
List By Account Show the securities by which investment account they belong to.
Settings Navigate to the Account List Screen.
Budget Bars Navigate to the Budget Bars Screen.
Reminders Navigate to the Reminders Screen.
Search Open the Search widget to look for transactions.
Request Sync (Dropbox sync mode) Upload local transactions to Dropbox.
Settings Navigate to the HandyBank Settings Screen.
Main Navigate to the HandyBank Main Screen.
Guide Open a browser to show this User Guide.
Quit Close HandyBank and show the device Home screen.

Using Quit

The only difference between pressing the Home button and using the Quit menu option is that using the menu will automatically require that the PIN be used to show any PIN-protected activity, as well as shutting down the background synchronization process. If you instead press the Home button, your PIN is valid for up to 10 minutes after it was last entered.

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