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Transaction Entry & Editing

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After choosing to add a new transaction or edit an existing one an expanded view of the transaction is displayed. This view shows all of the information available in the transaction list, as well as exposing the split transactions if they exist. No edits will be saved without pressing the "Save" button and deletes require confirmation so edit with confidence.

The transaction displays the description/payee (Trader Joe's), the date (05/12), the account (Anchor Checking), the category (Groceries & Consumables), the check number if there is one (Check #), the memo (Memo), and transaction tags (none selected). The total transaction amount including splits is shown at the top ($ -73.00).

Transaction Overview

Edit Amount

Press the total transaction amount ($-73.00) to edit the transaction amount. If the transaction is divided into splits press each individual split amount to edit its amount. Use the button to toggle the type (Payment/Deposit, Charge/Credit, Increase/Decrease).

Here is a screen where a different transaction in the amount of 88.53 is being edited.

Transaction Amount

At the top left is a little blue 'i' indicating the transaction was downloaded from the internet. Downloading would have been performed in Moneydance, because downloading from online accounts is not implemented in HandyBank on the mobile device.

At the top right is the green check mark indicating the transaction has been reconciled. Of course, you probably don't want to actually edit the amount for a reconciled transaction, this screen is provided as an example of where the reconciliation mark is located.

On the line where the amount edit box is located, the leftmost button toggles a Payment (reduce balance in a bank account) or Deposit (increase balance). The meaning and label of this button changes depending upon the account you are in, but the purpose is the same: to change the transaction type.

The next button is the Currency selection button, see currency conversion.

The 'x' button to the right of the amount clears the amount to 0.00 and prepares the app to enter a new amount.

The → button on the far right will accept the amount and close the amount editor. This button is useful for some devices that do not provide an Enter button on the soft keyboard. The screen shot below is not such a device, the ↵ button at the bottom right of the soft keyboard does exactly the same thing.

Payee and Description

Press the description/payee field to edit the transaction description/payee. There are two possible screens that HandyBank will bring up:

  1. If you're editing a new transaction, you'll be shown the memorized transaction screen.
  2. If you're editing an existing transaction, the list of frequently occurring payee screen is shown.

For existing transactions, HandyBank aims to streamline setting the description/payee by displaying recently or frequently occurring description/payees. Use the text box to quickly find a commonly used description/payee, HandyBank will match descriptions as you type and show a list of possible matches in the list below. Select the entry in the list to put it in the text box for further editing. Press the Enter / Return / Done / Go / ↵ key to apply the final description/payee transaction and return to editing.

You can also do a long press on an item in the list, and that will automatically use that description as-is and close the Description / Payee screen, returning to transaction edit.

Transaction Description/Payee

There are two buttons at the top right of this screen. The → button is provided for those devices that do not have the Done or Go button in their on-screen keyboard. The Clear button allows you to quickly delete all text and start over.

Memorized Transactions

When you are entering a new transaction (not editing an existing one) and you press the description/payee field, you are brought to the "memorized" transaction list. This list allows you to copy an existing transaction or description into your new one.

Memorized Transactions

The first thing you'll notice is the Desc Only button on the right for each entry. If you do a short press on the Desc Only button, the description is copied into the edit box, and the list of matching transactions updated. A long press on Desc Only will accept that description and close this screen, returning to transaction edit. This allows you to re-use a description without copying transaction splits or other details.

If you do a short press on a list item other than the Desc Only button, the description is brought into the the edit box at the top. If you do a long press, the entire transaction is copied into the new one, including splits and transaction tags.

If the transaction is in a different currency than the current account, the app will attempt to convert the amounts to the new account's currency. Sometimes transactions can't be fully copied due to an account conflict. HandyBank will alert you if that's the case.

Currency Conversion

Press the currency button to the left of the Amount field to bring up the currency selection list.

Select Currency

When you synchronize with Moneydance, all currencies and their current conversion rate are transmitted. Historical rates are not transmitted. If you select a different currency in this list than the currency for the account being edited, HandyBank will use the conversion rate to automatically calculate the amount in the account's currency.

The conversion does not take place until you accept the amount entry. A momentary message will appear on the screen saying that the amount you entered (in a different currency) was converted to a new amount, and the conversion rate that was used.

At this time you may not edit the conversion rate in HandyBank on your Android device.

Edit Account and Category

Pressing an account or category field jumps to account and category selection. When the transaction has multiple splits, the section at the top of the scrolling list (marked by a green edge above the description) is the main transaction segment. Change the account for the transaction by selecting the account field in this section. Change the category for the each split by selecting the account field in the split section (no green header).

Transaction Account and Category


Press the date field to set the date for the transaction. Make changes as needed and press Set to save your changes or Cancel to keep the original date.

Transaction Date Field


Press the memo item to bring up a list of memos in recent transactions to copy from, similar to editing the description/payee.

Memo Selection

Short press an item in the list to put the text in the edit box, where you may edit or enter a new memo. There is no memorized transaction mode for memos, however, only the memo field is copied over.

Long press on a memo item in the list will automatically select the memo, copy it to the current transaction, and close the memo selection screen.

Check Number

Press the check number to open a selection list of options for the Check Number field.

Check Number List

This list comes from Moneydance. You can edit the list in Moneydance by selecting Account → Edit Account... from the menu when the Home Page is shown. The name of your "root" account, as well as the Check# Items list can be edited in that dialog. The next time you synchronize with HandyBank, your edits will be transmitted to the mobile device.

There are two special items in the list. The <Next Check#> item will increment to the next check number for that account, and use that numeric value. The {Print} item will mark that transaction for check printing, later in Moneydance. Printing is not available on your Android device in HandyBank.

If you do a long press on the Check# field in transaction edit, a dialog opens that lets you enter both the check number and the memo in one place.

Check and Memo Dialog

You can edit the Check# field and the memo in the edit boxes on this dialog. To the right of the Check# edit box is a dropdown arrow that allows you to choose from the same list of Check# Items described above.

Transaction Tags

Transaction tags allow you to mark transactions in a way that allows them to be grouped together for reporting and search purposes.

Press the Tags field to bring up a tags screen. Check the boxes of the tags you'd like to apply to the current transaction, then press Save to return to the transaction being edited.

Enter Tags

Add and Edit Splits

Split transactions allow you to divide a transaction into two or more parts, each with a description, amount, category and tags.

Add splits to the transaction by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen (Add split). A new split section will be added, with fields showing the amount (-45.00), the description/payee (B-day party), and the category or account (Groceries). Press any of these fields to edit them for the split. Remove the split by pressing the remove button at the bottom (X).

Transaction Splits

Save or Delete

Save changes by pressing the save button at the top. No changes will be set unless Save is pressed. Press the Back button on your device or the Back button at the top left to return to the account list without saving.

If you save, the transaction is stored locally on your mobile device until the next successful sync.

Transaction Save

Delete a transaction by pressing the menu button and selecting the "Delete" menu option. Deleting requires an additional confirmation so don't worry about accidental deletes.

Transaction Delete

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