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View all stored transaction history by selecting an account. Just like in Moneydance™ each transaction keeps a record of the date, transaction amount, and resulting account balance. Transactions are listed from newest to oldest. Each transaction allows you to record a description, check number, and check memo. Additionally, HandyBank allows you to split your transactions into multiple amounts and across distinct accounts and category accounts. All of this information can then be easily synchronized with your desktop Moneydance file.

Transaction List

Transactions that occur in the future will have a yellow background. Transactions that occurred today or in the past will have a light grey background.

Transactions that are reconciled or in the process of being reconciled are marked with a green checkmark (reconciled) or gold diamond (in process). If the account is enabled for online access, a blue "i" will appear for transactions downloaded online, and a blue circle will appear for those transactions that have not yet been confirmed. Note that merging and confirming transactions can only be done in Moneydance, not on your mobile device.

A date selector at the top of the screen allows you to scroll the list of transactions automatically to the newest, oldest or today's date. This is helpful when there is a long list of transactions.


The transaction description/payee (Trader Joe's) are found on the top line followed by the transaction amount (-73.00). Negative amounts will appear in red and positive in black. The bottom line displays the date (05/01) and the category applied to the transaction (Groceries). If the transaction is broken into a number of split transactions this will be indicated instead of a single category name (3 Splits). Also, on the bottom line is the resulting account balance (4,959.11).

Transaction List

Add, Edit, Delete

Press the new button to create a transaction or press one of the transactions in the list to begin editing it. HandyBank does not allow transaction editing or entering for certain account type (Security, Investment, Loan). It's best to let Moneydance handle entering these transactions as they are quite a bit more complex.

Transaction Add, Edit, Delete

Press and hold on a transaction to show a menu. Use the menu as an alternative way to start editing transactions or quickly delete them. The Duplicate option allows you to make a copy of a transaction, and set it to the current date. This is very similar to memorized transactions, but is a bit more convenient when looking at a transaction list such as in an account or in the search results.

Transaction Long Press Menu

Menu Options

Account List Navigate to the Account List Screen.
Budget Bars Navigate to the Budget Bars Screen.
Security List Navigate to the Security List Screen.
Reminders Navigate to the Reminders Screen.
Request Sync (Dropbox sync mode) Upload local transactions to Dropbox.
Search Open the Search widget to look for transactions.
Settings Navigate to the HandyBank Settings Screen.
Main Navigate to the HandyBank Main Screen.
Guide Open a browser to show this User Guide.
Quit Close HandyBank and show the device Home screen.

Using Quit

The only difference between pressing the Home button and using the Quit menu option is that using the menu will automatically require that the PIN be used to show any PIN-protected activity, as well as shutting down the background synchronization process. If you instead press the Home button, your PIN is valid for up to 10 minutes after it was last entered.

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Transaction Entry & Editing