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Transaction Account & Category

Selecting the account or category while editing a transaction will display an easily navigated overview of your accounts and categories. Use the tabs to jump to categories by type or to the list of accounts you have displayed on your device.

Accounts in Use

Any accounts or categories already applied to the transaction are shaded in gold. Accounts in grey (ie "My Investment") cannot be selected. Accounts might be grey if they would lead to a circular relationship. For instance, if a transaction is being entered for the checking account its category cannot also be the checking account. Also, HandyBank will always grey certain account types (Security, Investment, Loan). It's best to let Moneydance handle entering these transactions as they are quite a bit more complex.

Transaction Accounts in Use

Transaction Categories in Use

Income & Expense Ordering

HandyBank aims to streamline category selection. Categories are sorted alphabetically. The text box on the income and expense tabs can also help quickly locate a category or sub-category. Enter the name of the category. As you enter the letters, HandyBank will reduce the list of categories or subcategories to those that match. Additionally, you may enter a colon (':') or period ('.') to indicate moving to the next level of subcategories. For example, if your category list was as follows:

  Bank Charges
Then entering a "M" will match to Automobile:Maintenance, Miscellaneous, and Personal:Music because each of those categories or subcategories start with an M. Entering "Per.c" will match to Personal:Computer and all of its subcategories. Entering "P:C:H" will match only to Personal:Computer:Home.

Transaction Income and Expense Categories

Select Account & Category

Apply an account or category by simply pressing on it in the list.

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